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Lentils of My Heart by LadyNyoko Lentils of My Heart :iconladynyoko:LadyNyoko 0 0
There Were No Miracles
Gamzee distantly remembers the first time the Sopor worked its way out of his system.
It had been a day like any other on Earth – a day of building a hive for the twelve of them to share until such a time as they chose other places to build personal hives and settle down. The day had started like any other as well. Or at least, any other day since the group had run out of Sopor.
It had started with a pounding headache that beat a staccato rhythm against the bone of his temple, one that settled into a sharp throb made worse by sound and light. His chest was far too tight, and every breath was a struggle to take. And the further on the day went, the harder it was to fight for air. His hands shook and at some point he was fairly certain Feferi told him to go lay down out of the mild heat of the sun for a minute or two.
He'd only half obeyed her and found a nice place in the shade to sit down for just a moment.
He couldn't sleep – hadn't been able to for days. Beneath the face pa
:iconladynyoko:LadyNyoko 23 10
What He Said - A ZADR Fic
As a general rule, Zim was not sentimental.
In all his years, on Irk, on Vort, on Devastis, on Earth, anywhere really, he could not honestly say that he'd once felt guilty for causing destruction of any kind. No, he relished destruction. He adored seeing things burn, and it always made his squeedlyspooch flutter when an explosion went off.
In fact, had anyone ever suggested Zim had a sentimental side, he would have shot them then and there. And possibly even danced over their charred corpse, were he one to dance at all.
But over the years, his violence lessened slightly. While not enough to be noticeable to anyone, it had caught the eye of the most important human on the planet. The Dib-human.
It had first started when the human was fifteen, five years after Zim's initial arrival on the planet. During one particular argument, the human had said something that had crossed a line. Or perhaps it was merely a truth that the Irken had never wanted to acknowledge, but that was
:iconladynyoko:LadyNyoko 28 22
The Puppy Face by LadyNyoko The Puppy Face :iconladynyoko:LadyNyoko 2 2 Starry Background by LadyNyoko Starry Background :iconladynyoko:LadyNyoko 4 3 A Whisper In The Bushes.... by LadyNyoko A Whisper In The Bushes.... :iconladynyoko:LadyNyoko 6 7 Wind Whisper by LadyNyoko Wind Whisper :iconladynyoko:LadyNyoko 2 2

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